"The Reflecting Pool presents a story that I have not taken the time or courage to touch." - Barbara Trent, Academy Award Winner, The Panama Deception


"New feature film 'The Reflecting Pool' may just be the 'All the President’s Men' of our time ... The well-researched (and exhaustively documented on the DVD) thriller ultimately proves more compelling than 9-11-themed documentaries such as 'Loose Change' by taking a narrative approach and by personalizing the story."
Jim Cirile, Opednews,  February 19, 2008.
Challenging the Unchallengeable: An Interview with Jarek Kupsc
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"The Reflecting Pool ... is not about 9/11. It is about the credibility of the official government story about 9/11."
Joel S. Hirschhorn, Opednews. March 27, 2008.
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"The subject matter of this movie could be disturbing to some; however, this film focuses on a character study of the two men and how they deal with their findings during their investigations. One man being an idealistic writer with haunting thoughts of Russian style propaganda and another man whose life is stuck in neutral because of the loss of her his daughter."
Gerald Wright, HDFest, July 2008.
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“A damning indictment of the White House which concludes that 9/11 was less a failure of intelligence than a willful failure to act.”
Kam Williams, News Blaze
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“The consequence is a serious film which relies on the weight of its subject matter and the skill of an incredible cast of actors. The film does indeed walk a fine line not just in meticulous construction, but also its release in this year of electric with change and possibility.”
Laurynn Lowe, Tin Ape
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“The Reflecting Pool ultimately sheds a provocative light on the events of 9/11, that challenges rather than dictates to the audience, and with much to ponder in the way of more questions than answer.”
Prairie Miller, News Blaze
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"Movies about 9/11 are typically received with mixed feelings from the public, and the latest of these—Jarek Kupsc’s 'The Reflecting Pool'—will no doubt do likewise."
Eudie Pak, The Village Voice
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Whether you believe or not, clearly, 'The Reflecting Pool' is worth reflection.
Harvey Karten. New York Cool
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