It’s very important to us that people see and share “The Reflecting Pool." To that end we have devised many ways you can screen it in your town—at a local theatre, the library, your church, your school, wherever you can find! We encourage international screenings as well.

We will promote the screening on our website and also send a notice of the screening to members of our news list. Please JOIN OUR NEWS LIST to keep informed as to when and where screenings occur and to help us spread the word.

If you organize a 9/11-awareness screening, NO LICENSE is needed. Use the DVD you already have, or purchase one. All proceeds from 9/11-awareness screenings of “The Reflecting Pool” should go back to the cause you are promoting.

We will help you advertise your event on our website if you notify us with your “Reflecting Pool” screening information (name of organization, time, place, etc.), and send us your artwork (your web banners, logo, URL, etc). NOT REQUIRED, but ENCOURAGED. We will ask you to include the link to our website ( on your promotional materials and website. NOT REQUIRED, but ENCOURAGED.

If you are organizing multiple 9/11-awareness screenings of “The Reflecting Pool,” please contact us and describe your idea. We will do everything we can to help make your event a success.

If you want to screen the film for any other organization, please contact us with a description of your organization and type of event.

You can also plan a commercial (FOR-PROFIT) screening outside of a 9/11-awareness event. Please contact us and describe your plan in as much detail as possible (location, number of venues, number of seats, dates, etc.). We will work out a LICENSING AGREEMENT based on your means.

If you are planning to FOUR-WALL “The Reflecting Pool,” you will need a LICENSING AGREEMENT.

We encourage you to donate a copy to your local public library. We offer great bulk rates for five- and ten- packs.

For all Campus Screenings (University, College, High-school, etc.) NO LICENSE is needed, assuming the admission is FREE.

Federal Law and International Copyright Law prohibit copying, replication and duplication of copyrighted material. However, given the track record of Federal Law–breaking by the very government that sets these laws, you should use your discretion and try not to get caught. We only ask that you don’t re-sell any pirated material.

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