JAREK KUPSC (Writer/Director)
Jarek has been involved in independent film production since 1982. He studied art and history in his native Warsaw, Poland, and received a BA in Film Writing/Directing from San Francisco State University. As a writer/director/producer, Jarek completed numerous short films, including the Rosebud Award-winning "Dog." He debuted in 2001 with "Recoil" in the feature film category, following with "Slumberland" in 2005.

"The Reflecting Pool"



JOSEPH CULP (Actor/Producer)
Joseph recently appeared in "Icekiss" for Norwegian director Knut Erik Jensen.  His numerous film credits include leading roles in Alan J. Pakula’s "Dream Lover," Monte Hellman’s "Iguana," and Maria Novaro’s "El Jardin del Eden." He appeared in Ron Howard's "Apollo 13" and Mario Van Peebles' "Badassss" and starred in the award-wining sci-fi comedy "Cyxork 7" and Hallmark's "Wild Hearts". Joseph won critical acclaim at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival for his performance in "Hunger," an adaptation of Nobel winner Knut Hamsun’s novel, which he produced with director Maria Giese and which featured his father, veteran actor Robert Culp. He recently starred in the New York stage premiere of "Foul Shots" by Raymond J. Barry.  Joseph is a founder of the L.A.-based Walking Theatre Group, integrating theatre and transpersonal work for actors, writers, and directors.



Jodie received her M.F.A. in Film Production at the University of Southern California. She produced the feature "Slumberland" in 2006 as well as many short films. She also makes experimental animated films. Jodie has a background in music and performance, where she played in numerous bands including the one-woman madness known as Monotrona. On September 11th, 2001, Jodie eye-witnessed the explosion caused when the airplane hit the South Tower of WTC.


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